MPG Global Fresh is a leading firm that excels at producing, importing, and exporting a premium variety of fruits. With years of experience, we are looking forward to becoming a global brand in the coming years.

We keep quality as the most important factor when it comes to providing produce to our stakeholders. From growing conditions, procurement to the storage, everything is closely evaluated and lovingly catered. Be it the color, size, or taste of the fruit, we set the highest industry standards with our produce.

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Our Vision

“To become the number one distributers of premium quality cherries in Czech Republic.”

Our Mission

“To sell the best quality cherries from Czech to our stakeholders to generate better yield.”

As a testimony to our quality, we have become a member of Fruit Union CZ, and Association for Integrated Fruit Growing Systems (SISPO) and an active member of the integrated fruit production industry. Our goal in the future is to establish about 500 hectares of apple and pear orchards successfully.

Our Produce Partners

There is no doubt that orchards have been an integral part of Czech culture and heritage. This makes us strongly involved with the intricate process of producing fruits that can leave a signature memory to anybody’s taste buds.

We are associated with multiple well-recognized orchards that provide the best quality fruit production. Some of them are mentioned below:

• Polepy Orchard

Spread across 5.8 hectares, the orchard is adorned with 6500 trees. To ensure that the best quality of produce comes to light we have ensured that it is well protected with rain covers and is drip irrigated.

• Řisuty Upper Orchard

This is a new plantation and is drip irrigated, which is one of the most effective methods of providing water and nutrients to the plants. With such a technique we ensure that the plants get the best care to be able to provide a great outcome.

• Řisuty Lower Orchard

Similarly, our lower orchard is a new plantation and is taken care of through proper drip irrigation technique just as well. We keep drip irrigation a mandatory feature so that all the fruits turn out as their best version.